Pool Solar Heating Panels ---- Sun+ Maxi Panels

—— : Panel size 2mx1mx0.07m
—— : Collector material--Silicone rubber with individual 72-pipe
—— : Individual 72-pipe solar collector
—— : Tempered solar glass surface
—— : Rigid aluminum frame
—— : Solar area = 30% pool area
—— : Can be mounted on any roof
—— : 10 years warranty

2mx1m Sun+ Maxi Panel

1.6mx0.7m Sun+ S & 2mx1m Sun+ Maxi Panels


- High efficient. Need less mount surface area than  other solar system

- Solar area=30% pool area

- Black silicon individual tubes collector, chemical inert

- Wind and cockatoo resistance.

- Rigid and can be easily racked or can be mounted on any roof style

- Easy for installation


High grade silicon rubber individual tubes inside

Tempered solar glass surface

Rigid aluminum frame

Swivel barrel union for connection


Fully Automatic pool solar heating system

This system allows you total freedom to enjoy your pool.

Without having to anually turn valves on and off.

The digital solar controller activates the circulating pump

Easy for installation

Sun+ panel can be installed on any roof or racked.