Automatic Pool Cover Slats for Above Ground Mount

—— : Model number #19500
—— : Polycarbonate cover slats
—— : Slats colour:transparent blue / Ivory / beige / light blue
—— : Built in 12V tubular motor
—— : Aluminum roller ends & s/steel pole
—— : Simple for install and operate--one press button
—— : Applied in new pool or existing pool
—— : 3 years warranty

Designed in Australia, manufactured in China

Individully made to size ensuring a perfect fit to the swimming pool

Convenient to operate - A press of a button is enough

The roller motor is driven by an automatic controller which can be programmed to run for the exact amount of time that it takes to remove or re-install the pool cover.

Robust and hard-wearing

Helps keep the pool clean

The slats cover have sufficient buoyancy to support 100kg per square meter

Save energy,Simple to operate, easy to install


Covers are manufactured using high grade Polycarbonate which are fully UV stabilized and suited for outdoor use in harsh weather condition.

Polycarbonate slats have higher impact resistance and an even longer service life than PVC slats


We offer a wide range of cover slats, available in both solid color and transparent to suit the style of your pool.


PC cover slats are supplied completely sealed to prevent the ingress of water, designed to FLOAT on the waters surface


All our pool cover slats meet Australian standard. We have full control over quality and flexibility

The best solution to protect your children and pets.

An ideal backup to your pool fencing

The slats cover have sufficient buoyancy to support 100kg per square meter


Comes with 2 powder coated oval shaped aluminium stands which the roller tube is attached to.

Each stand is bolted to the pool surround with the 4 stainless steel bolts supplied.

If the stands are to be bolted to a timber deck, stainless steek wood fixings are available on request.

The stands are available in a range of colours.


Residential pool

Commercial pool

New and existing pools

Subject to pool shape


We offer a 3 years warranty on our PC cover slats