solar controllers

—— : Model number: 001-00139
—— : Fully automatic pool solar control
—— : Digital calibrate water temp. & solar temp.
—— : With hot & cold sensor
—— : Built in time clock/ 10-year battery back up
—— : With wall mounting bracket
—— : IP 57 for outdoor install
—— : 5 years warranty

Swimming Pool automatic pool temperature controller


-Designed in Australia and qualify Australian standard

-The Sun+ Solar Controller runs the solar system every 30mins between 8am – 6pm.

-Digital calibration of water and solar temperature within a point of degree Celsius.

-Self diagnostic error display. Checks itself and lets you know if there is a problem.  

-The controller has a built in time clock and a 10 year battery backup

-System only operates when free heat is available

-Solar pump switching is relay free and contactless for reliability

-5 years Warranty

-The unit is suited for all Sun + Solar heating systems


Simple installation

Fully Automatic Pool Solar System

This system allows you total freedom to enjoy your pool.

Without having to anually turn valves on and off.

The digital solar controller activates the circulating pump  

Packaging & Shipping